Use Confused in a Sentence – How to use “Confused” in a sentence


Use Confused in a sentence. How to use the word Confused in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Confused. Sentence for Confused.

Use Confused in a Sentence - How to use "Confused" in a sentence

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Examples of confused in a sentence

  1. I confused the stick with a snake.
  2. There was a confused murmur.
  3. I was momentarily confused.
  4. The colonel looked confused, and hesitated.
  5. It was all rather confused.
  6. Confused by her careless mistake, she burst into tears.
  7. To this question the teacher hears a confused answer.
  8. You may already realize this if you’ve been confused by reading food labels.
  9. Phonny seemed a little surprised and a little confused at this, and after a moment’s pause he said:
  10. The boy accordingly began again, but was soon completely confused by the teacher’s accompaniment.
  11. This has many people confused, why Ruptly TV, a parent company of RT News, The Daily Mail, websites such as motorcycle times and more publish this story?
  12. Æneas was terrified by the shouts and uproar which he heard, and his mind was for a moment confused by the bewildering influences of the scene.
  13. Rollo looked exceedingly blank and confused at this unexpected termination of the clew, which he had hoped was to have led him out of his difficulty.
  14. “Why, you see,” said Rollo.–Here he paused, and looked confused, and did not know what to say.
  15. Her calmness, and, more than that, her silent demand, were so different from the childish and unreasonable petulance that he had expected, that he was unprepared and confused.
  16. Evidently startled and confused by the noise and his own clumsiness,–though hardly more so than the young woman, who was watching him in amazement,–he righted the table with difficulty, and began to pick up the articles that had fallen from it.
  17. But in these confessions he made such confusion, first confessing a little, then a little more, then contradicting himself, then admitting, when the thing had been proved against him, what he had before denied, that it was almost impossible to disentangle the truth from his confused and contradictory declarations.


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