Use Confiscated in a Sentence, How to use “Confiscated” in a sentence


Use Confiscated in a sentence. How to use the word Confiscated in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Confiscated. Sentence for Confiscated.

Use Confiscated in a Sentence - How to use "Confiscated" in a sentence

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Examples of confiscated in a sentence

  1. His estates confiscated.
  2. Every euro that he earned was confiscated to pay the debt.
  3. All these things were confiscated, and the proceeds put into the imperial treasury.
  4. Their estates were, however, confiscated, and given to the followers and favorites of Murray.
  5. Richard immediately confiscated their estates and converted the proceeds to his own use.
  6. When Lateranus was put to death at the detection of the conspiracy, in the manner to be presently described, his estate was confiscated.
  7. Sylla deprived him of his titles and offices, confiscated his wife’s fortune and his own patrimonial estate, and put his name upon the list of the public enemies.
  8. He considered Joanna, the queen dowager, as his enemy, and either confiscated her estates or allowed others to seize them.
  9. Soon after this, the Duke of Lancaster, Henry’s father, died, and then Richard, instead of allowing his cousin to succeed to the immense estates which his father left, confiscated all the property, under the pretext that Henry had forfeited it, and so converted it to his own use.
  10. The Jews had gradually increased in numbers and influence in France until the time of the accession of Philip, and then he determined to extirpate them from the realm; so he issued an edict by which they were all banished from the kingdom, their property was confiscated, and every person that owed them money was released from all obligation to pay them.
  11. In consequence of these occurrences, it happened that when Richard landed in Sicily he found his sister, the wife of the former king of the country, a widow and a prisoner, and her estates confiscated, while a person whom he considered a usurper was on the throne.


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