Use Computer in a Sentence, How to use “Computer” in a sentence


Use Computer in a sentence. How to use the word Computer in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Computer.

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Definition of Computer

an electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to the instructions given in a variable program.


Examples of Computer in a sentence

  1. Guided by a computer-aided design program, a laser fuses several layers of finely powdered metal, nylon or plastic.
  2. A prior knowledge of computer science may be of some advantage initially, but it is not a prerequisite to enter the course.
  3. Encryption technology is considered a prerequisite for the widespread commercial use of computer networks.
  4. Users must not publish any advertisement on websites that contain false, inaccurate, deceptive or defamatory content or that contains a computer virus.
  5. However, the term can be a bit misleading due to the difference in the resolution of the computer screen and that of the page printer.
  6. If a computer is given unintelligible data, it returns unintelligible results.
  7. Alex, an electronics engineer, got a job after two months with a fast-paced computer company in the Peninsula.
  8. Through a process of computer subtraction, a temporal activity curve representing small bowel transit was also obtained.
  9. AT & T ran the network, IBM dominated the mainframe: the computer business and Xerox was synonymous with photocopying.
  10. Xerox developed the first graphical user interface for its Star computer in the seventies.
  11. But it has been given a new impetus, even an urgency, by the advent of modern computer technology.

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