Use complicated in a sentence

Use complicated in a sentence. How to use the word complicated in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word complicated.

Definition of complicated

Examples of complicated in a sentence

*** Airplanes and aerial bombs require more complicated calculations.

*** Some of the peoples, such as the Kongo, Kuba, and Lunda, have created large, complicated political states through conquest or federation.

*** We present a case of late splenic rupture complicated by splenic abscess after a flank lesion that leads to hemoperitoneum in a 45-year-old man.

*** As the expressions become more complicated, the need to reduce the verbosity of the type specification becomes more convincing.

*** The main building of the Zhongcheng Square in Guangzhou has been designed in a complicated zigzag multi-angular plan.

*** That is just one of the, well, nebulous cases that ended before the Vatican Romana Sacra Sacra, a higher court that listens to more complicated requests for annulment of marriage.

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