Use Complicated in a Sentence, How to use “Complicated” in a sentence


Use Complicated in a sentence. How to use the word Complicated in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Complicated. Sentence for Complicated.

Use Complicated in a Sentence - How to use "Complicated" in a sentence

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Examples of complicated in a sentence

  1. She apprehended the complicated law very quickly.
  2. Airplanes and aerial bombs require more complicated calculations.
  3. For men’s wedding rings , the designs less complicated simpler.
  4. The task of ruling out trial and error learning is far more complicated.
  5. The story is pretty complicated and it’s not surprising that people make mistakes.
  6. Some of them invite you to think more deeply about complicated issues such as war and metaphysics.
  7. Some of the peoples, such as the Kongo, Kuba, and Lunda, have created large, complicated political states through conquest or federation.
  8. And, in a large and complicated school, the endless multiplicity and variety of objects of attention and care impose a task under which few intellects can long stand.
  9. We present a case of late splenic rupture complicated by splenic abscess after a flank lesion that leads to hemoperitoneum in a 45-year-old man.
  10. As the expressions become more complicated, the need to reduce the verbosity of the type specification becomes more convincing.
  11. The main building of the Zhongcheng Square in Guangzhou has been designed in a complicated zigzag multi-angular plan.
  12. That is just one of the, well, nebulous cases that ended before the Vatican Romana Sacra Sacra, a higher court that listens to more complicated requests for annulment of marriage.
  13. Further, it has never been shown that group tasks require a communication system anywhere near as complicated as human language.
  14. But notwithstanding this apparent simplicity, the system of symbolical writing proved to be, when extensively employed, extremely complicated and intricate.
  15. For such important and complicated relations as these are not of a nature to be easily called into existence and action, in an extended and unorganized community, by the mere fiat of a military chieftain.


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