Use Comparatively in a Sentence, How to use “Comparatively” in a sentence


Use comparatively in a sentence. How to use the word comparatively in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word comparatively. How to use “comparatively” with example sentences

Use Comparatively in a Sentence - How to use "Comparatively" in a sentence


Examples of comparatively in a sentence

  1. Geneva is, however, after all, a comparatively small town.
  2. Why, then, since Geneva is comparatively so small, is it so celebrated?
  3. In Europe the number of travellers is comparatively small, and a very large proportion of those who make journeys go for pleasure.
  4. Cuts and lacerations of the scalp, if they are treated promptly, heal comparatively fast when infection and scarring are not present.
  5. It is comparatively of little consequence to punish the particular transgression.
  6. The superintendents have thus great responsibility, and yet, comparatively, little power.
  7. The liveliness and force of their fancy must have unconsciously led them to regard the new and the present as the old and the original after comparatively short intervals of time.
  8. In the doctrine of Buddha a comparatively simple meaning prevailed, which by its contrast to the fancifulness of the Brahmans must have excited the desire to collect and retain what was in existence.
  9. Spain possessed the distant colonies and the foreign commerce, and built and armed the great ships, while England had comparatively few ships, and those which she had were small.
  10. Several other vessels afterward succeeded in reaching the shore; and as the wind now rapidly subsided, the men on board of them found comparatively little difficulty in effecting a landing.
  11. The place was strongly fortified, and the garrison, though comparatively weak, defended it with great bravery.
  12. She told him that she had raised him from his comparatively humble position to make him her husband, and now this was his return.
  13. There is no doubt that she and Bothwell loved each other before they ought to have done so, and it is of comparatively little consequence when the attachment began.

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