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Definition of Community

Examples of Community in a sentence

*** His name was Ed Lazar, and he was an accountant with ties to the land fraud community that once flourished in Arizona.

*** Since religion so permeates the life of the community and tribe and is so much a part of daily life, there are only a few societies in whieh any organization resembling a church, a denomination, or a sect can be found.

*** Nor are all people, even some within his own community, necessarily equal or equally deserving, and he may exhibit indifference toward some of them.

*** And more than this, the law must adopt the role of community educator.

*** Community vocational rehabilitation of mental disorder is the mainstream in psychiatric medicine in the 20th century.

*** Rows of hungry people spread out through the food gate south of the Dawnville Community Club.

*** So, I think we can make a distinction between a moral obligation for community beliefs and a kind of sentimental and emotional attachment.

*** A misleading assumption is that only less will be attracted to community service.

*** It was this impetus that impelled community leaders to form a fully established radio station.

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