Use Communist in a Sentence – How to use “Communist” in a sentence


Use Communist in a sentence. How to use the word Communist in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Communist. Sentence for Communist.

Use Communist in a Sentence - How to use "Communist" in a sentence

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Examples of Communist in a sentence

  1. In 1948 he was elected a full member of the Communist party’s central committee.
  2. These are quite explicit in the Communist Manifesto, as well as in many other writings of many Marxist thinkers.
  3. The regime was inevitably labeled “communist“.
  4. Human-centred is the essence and the core of the scientific development view, also is the basic value pursue of the Chinese Communist Party.
  5. One of his most notable acts came in 1989 when the East Germans began to rebel against the Soviet communist regime.
  6. Post-communist leaders before the reunification of East Germany seriously considered naming him president, reports the New York Times.
  7. Efforts to eliminate it in Communist countries have been only partially successful.
  8. Publication abroad of My (1922; Eng. tr., We, 1924), a satirical preview of a communist society of the 26th century, provoked a violent press campaign against him in Moscow.


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