Use Common in a Sentence, How to use “Common” in a sentence


Use Common in a sentence. How to use the word Common in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Common.

Use Common in a Sentence - How to use "Common" in a sentence


Examples of Common in a sentence

  1. The most common of its 100 species is A. theophrastus, also called Indian mallow or velvetleaf.
  2. Common market, there is nitrogen, air, hydrogen, ammonia, acetylene, propane, steam and other special relief valve.
  3. The sealed underwater connection socket for the control cable is modified by a common antenna socket with self-sealing principle.
  4. The common place is only that light and impalpable air essence.
  5. Only then, can we earn the credit of people and support, gain common feelings of the people.
  6. In the fifteenth century, however, the law of equity and jurisprudence of equity became a dependent legal system and a judiciary (Court of justice) that competed with ordinary courts of common law.
  7. In addition, the statement pointed to a common preference for Japanese and South African abalone, which are considered “superior” and worthy of special prices.
  8. The food was boring and uninteresting. It is more common to use a different word as boring or boring.
  9. She may be a bit common at times, but she certainly was not bored.
  10. What the “inside members” of the tribe share is a common culture, a common way of life.
  11. They learn a common body of myths, legends, traditions, and explanations for events that occur in the world.
  12. Even the common view of life beyond the “mortal life” is that it is lived in a society pattemed quite like this one; indeed, it is an indivisible, though invisible, part of this life.
  13. Silver seems less common than gold or copper.
  14. While non-threading applications that use a smaller subset of common libraries are more likely to maintain binary compatibility between SLES versions, perform regression tests to ensure the quality.
  15. The most common construction woods are Douglas fir, hemlock, fir, pine and some cedars.

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