Use commercial in a sentence

Use commercial in a sentence. Sentence for commercial. How to use the word commercial in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word commercial. How to use “commercial” with example sentences.

Definition of commercial

Examples of commercial in a sentence

*** Commercial screen lighting, illuminate the environment.

*** He sold the commercial lock, the stock and the barrel.

*** Results: The preparation in commercial packaging was stable after the acceleration test and the storage at room temperature.

*** Miss Jackson’s macabre works met with wide literary and commercial success.

*** Aberystwyth is a seaside resort and a commercial center.

*** Although he patented celluloid (which he called Parkesine) in 1855, he found no way to make it a commercial success.

*** There are also many commercial hybrids that bloom at different times of the year and range in color from light yellow through orange to mahogany.

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