Use Command in a Sentence, How to use “Command” in a sentence


Use Command in a sentence. How to use the word Command in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Command. Sentence for Command.

command in a sentence


Definition of Command

  1. To order; direct
  2. an order
  3. To be in control of or authority over.
  4. The power or authority to give orders.
  5. An electronic signal to computer.

Examples of Command in a sentence

  1. In 1987, the Socialists took the unprecedented step of appointing a civilian to command force.
  2. The commander of the company roared his command.
  3. It has a lot of idioms in English under command.
  4. In 1943-1944, he was commanding general of the China-Burma sector and an adviser to the general in command of the China-Burma-India theater of World War II.
  5. to command planes to search the area.
  6. These hills command the town.
  7. a command to march.
  8. The whole army is under the command of the marshal.
  9. The army is now under the direct command of General Barton.
  10. The admiral visited the ships under his command.
  11. The army is under the command of General Smith.
  12. He was in command of the British army in Egypt.
  13. While one of the astronauts circled the moon in the command module, the other one came down to the surface in the lunar module.
  14. Does seniority give one the right to command?
  15. What is the start command for the program?
  16. The command bunker is virtually invulnerable, even for a nuclear attack.
  17. He was given the tactical command of the operation.
  18. He has a poor command of English.
  19. Paralysis of leadership leaves the army without its supreme command
  20. Colonel Sailing has the command / is in command of the Guards Regiment.
  21. The general was relieved of his command in 1948.
  22. Returning to the United States in 1946, he organized the newly created Air Defense Command and its successor, the Continental Air Command, of which he was commander until April 1949, when he went to Tokyo as commander of the U. S. Far East Air Forces.


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