Comedy in a sentence

Use comedy in a sentence. Sentence for comedy. How to use the word comedy in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word comedy. How to use “comedy” with example sentences.

Definition of comedy

Examples of comedy in a sentence

*** The Auditorium receives this Saturday to Josema Yuste who, along with Ignacio Nacho and Santiago Urrialde, will star in the comedy Taxi.

*** The place looks like a musical comedy version of a rustic prawn shack on the Gulf Coast.

*** If Nivelle de la Chaussée was the great dramatist of sentimental comedy, then Denise Diderot was the great theorist.

*** As Big showed, the strength of Penny Marshall is sentimental comedy.

*** These moral essays promoted other theories in harmony with sentimental comedy.

*** The same posture and gesticulation, typical of sentimental comedy, is found in The Conjuration of Venice.

*** In general, the violations of the units in sentimental comedy are slight.

*** Her Goums by Roberta (1933) provided the ma-terials for the musical comedy Roberta.

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