Use Cold in a Sentence

Use Cold in a sentence. How to use the word Cold in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cold.

Definition of Cold

Examples of Cold in a sentence

*** By contrast, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, and invertebrates are “cold-blooded,” generally at the temperature of their surroundings.

*** Most of the region has a Continental climate, characterized by cold winters and relatively even distribution of rainfall.

*** The winter of 2017 was especially cold.

*** In most homes the electrical system is grounded to a metal cold-water pipe when the pipe is buried in the ground for a depth of 10 feet.

*** If you have got a cold, you shouldn’t drink cold water.

*** Never water with cold water; always use tepid water.

*** By Wednesday afternoon, the cold had begun to invade Aquarius.

*** The sky darkened, and a cold rain began to fall.

*** The world with filar silk rain weather also a little cold, the landscape cold.

*** Use broken bone to invade when the infection reaches the parenchyma, can be in the mucous membrane or form a cold abscess hypodermically.

*** The echo pattern may vary: hyperechoic isoechoic, hypoechoic or mixed. The lesions frequently involved the testicles with complication of cold abscess.

*** I love cold drinks, especially in summer.

*** Fumigation does not diminish cold smoke.

*** He broke out in a cold sweat when he saw the spider.

*** Now, Kirov had suddenly injected an air of cold discouragement in that pleasant environment.

*** Cedar smoked everything, the color is bright, the cold light is not greasy, the taste is unique.

*** I put the glass on the floor near my chair and prepared some cold shrimp in a hot sauce.

*** These are the skills courses at MIT with 18.03, since a prerequisite is to expect it to be a bit cold, and the faculty that teaches these upcoming courses knows this list.

*** even retailers who had resisted the somber trend of clothing throughout the year felt the cold of December.

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