Use Coffee in a Sentence, How to use “Coffee” in a sentence


Use Coffee in a sentence. How to use the word Coffee in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Coffee. Sentence for Coffee.

use coffee in a sentence


Examples of Coffee in a sentence

  1. Warm coffee or tea may be drunk.
  2. The three lumps of sugar in his coffee.
  3. In fact, I’ve found a love for coffee (or maybe it’s just a new addiction) in the last year.
  4. Again without consulting her, he brought some hot coffee, poured it into a tin-cup, and held it out to her.
  5. In addition to drinking different coffees with all those skimmed scented creams, I’ve also been experimenting with coffee cocktails like this.
  6. This is my Christmas coffee cocktail.
  7. Combine coffee and strong liquors in a glass.
  8. Samson, bring some strong coffee as quickly as God will let you.
  9. Place the ground coffee, cardamom, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg in the coffee filter.
  10. Add water to the coffee maker and cook according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  11. Divide the coffee between 8 cups.
  12. By seven o’clock I was worn out—not from work but from the strain on my sympathy—and I was glad, indeed, when one of the maids came in to bring me an early cup of coffee.
  13. Coffee was served on the veranda, and while I smoked my cigar and sipped my brandy I watched the full moon shining like a yellow lantern through the diaphanous mist on the river.
  14. At first I thought the stranger would follow us, but when I glanced round from the hall she was still sitting there beside Mr.Vanderbridge, who was smoking a cigar with his coffee.
  15. “Usually he takes his coffee with me,” said Mrs. Vanderbridge, “but to-night he has things to think over.”
  16. A smoking pot of coffee, steaks of venison and beef, warm biscuits, and butter, made a sight as welcome to my eyes as a Raphael to an artist’s, and created odors that were divine.

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