Use Coalition in a Sentence, How to use “Coalition” in a sentence


Use Coalition in a sentence. How to use the word Coalition in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Coalition. Sentence for Coalition.

Use Coalition in a Sentence - How to use "Coalition" in a sentence


Examples of coalition in a sentence

  1. At length the contest was finally closed by a coalition of the three rivals.
  2. The protests were organized by the recently formed A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition.
  3. Gait was finance minister again in 1864 in the Macdonald-Tache government and continued in office in the “Great Coalition” formed that June to achieve Confederation.
  4. Millerand assumed management of the Socialist periodical La Petite République jointly with René Viviani in 1893, but in 1899 broke with the majority of Socialists, led by the Marxists Jules Guesde and Jean Jaurès, to become minister of commerce in a coalition cabinet of moderates and liberals under René Waldeck-Rousseau.


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