Use Club in a Sentence, How to use “Club” in a sentence


Use Club in a sentence. How to use the word Club in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Club. Sentence for Club.

Use Club in a Sentence - How to use "Club" in a sentence


Examples of Club in a sentence

  1. I got it at the club.
  2. “KafSinKaflı” is a common moniker for a Karsiyaka Sports Club supporters.
  3. Tomorrow was Sunday, and he played golf with a group of men at the Country Club every Sunday morning.
  4. Here I again held a position of responsibility which was of senior barman across the three bars within the club.
  5. He called Goodman a “bore” and claimed he did nothing about the treatment Wardell Gray faced at a segregated club in Las Vegas.
  6. Aleader of the nationalistic Canada First movement, he was elected the first president of the National Club in 1874.
  7. The planners have recommended coercive actions that oblige the club to eliminate the cable with a margin of 12 months.
  8. I visualized it as a boring, last-page story with a headline that read: “Drama Club Congratulated.”
  9. At nine o’clock, the venerable diagnostician Dr. Donald Dove declared this meeting of the Z club in session.
  10. The statistic ensures that the club passes the tie if a goal of 10 and also warns that the Uruguayan does not mark in the opposite field since September 2015 in Rome.
  11. Seems extraordinary, but judging from the hardback sales, his fan club is as big as ever.
  12. The nearest weapon at hand was the discarded shaft of a golf club.
  13. There was but one possible measure: immediate and forcible confiscation of the club.
  14. The announcement that the club was to remain confiscated for a week merely emphasized the extent of the intervention, not the severity of a punishment.
  15. Hurricane Irma destroyed this St. Barts hotel, but next October, it reopens with beachfront suites, a Kid’s Club with educational programs, a restaurant with panoramic island views, an outdoor area, an infinity pool and spa with new treatments and a gym.


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