Use Closely in a Sentence, How to use “Closely” in a sentence


Use Closely in a sentence. How to use the word Closely in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Closely. Sentence for Closely.

Use Closely in a Sentence - How to use "Closely" in a sentence


Examples of Closely in a sentence

  1. And possibly anything else I cherish closely?
  2. “You’ll see,” said Jonas, “if you watch me closely.”
  3. The abaca plant is closely related and resembles the banana plant (Musa sapientum).
  4. They are closely related to sea urchins and to starfish.
  5. Johnson finished first, closely followed by Stevens and Higgins.
  6. Seahorse; a small marine fîsh of the genus Hippocampus, in the family Syngnathidae, closely related to the pipefish.
  7. How is the existence of closely related species explained in widely separated places?
  8. The Southern Right Whale is almost indistinguishable from the closely related North Atlantic and North Pacific right whales, with only minor differences in the skull.
  9. Later that steering wheel became two wheels spaced closely together.
  10. The force is closely related to the period of base vibration of the building structure.
  11. Under the helmet protrudes the forehead, which slightly recedes; the brows are closely knit; there is a look of authority in the eye.
  12. Next, there was a pleasant walk through the wooded peninsula to observe closely the Osa fjord.
  13. Lhasa Apso, a small, long-haired dog with pendant feathered ears and a plumed tail curled closely over the back.
  14. This principle has been kept in view, the reader may perhaps think, too closely in all the chapters of this volume, almost every point brought up having been illustrated by anecdotes and narratives.
  15. As far back as our information extends, we find the table-land of Iran occupied by a group of nations closely related to each other, and speaking dialects of the same language.
  16. Herodotus observes that the Bactrians, who carried bows of reed and short lances, closely resembled the northern Indians in armour, clothing, and mode of life, and then informs us that the Areians, Parthians, Sogdiani, and Chorasmians resembled the Bactrians.


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