Use Climb in a Sentence, How to use “Climb” in a sentence


Use Climb in a sentence. How to use the word Climb in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Climb.

Use Climb in a Sentence - How to use "Climb" in a sentence


Examples of Climb in a sentence

  1. Rachaela put her foot on the Persian red carpet and began to climb, out of the scarlet atmosphere of the lamp.
  2. They climb mountains tirelessly and enjoy romping in the snow.
  3. At first it tried to climb up the side of the tumbler, but its feet slipped on account of the smoothness of the glass.
  4. “There!” said Stuyvesant, “now when we have got our ladder done, we will climb up and spread it about.”
  5. “Let me climb up on it,” said Phonny.
  6. Now, if there was a ladder leaning up against a building, could you climb up on the under side by your hands, drawing yourself up, hand over hand, without touching your feet?”
  7. If they were nearer together, I could climb up so, very well.
  8. “Well,” said his father, “a bird, when flying, has to climb up in much the same way.
  9. Rollo and Nathan looked very much interested in what their father was saying, but they both admitted that they could not climb up such ladders as those.
  10. Why, I can climb up on the shed, and jump off that, and hold the umbrella over my head.
  11. He could climb up, by means of a fence at the corner.
  12. One evening, after tea, when Rollo was a pretty big boy, he came and began to climb up into his father’s lap.
  13. Every place shall flee before the noise of the horseman and the archer; they shall creep into thickets and climb up the rocks.
  14. A laborious climb brought him back to the hut with the bag and his axe.
  15. The fourth side I could not see, but the three washed at the base by the river were so steep a man could climb them only with great difficulty.

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