Use Click in a Sentence, How to use “Click” in a sentence


Use Click in a sentence. How to use the word Click in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Click. Sentence for Click.

Click in a Sentence


Examples of Click in a sentence

  1. Click on the “eyeball” icon under the “Read” section to view your message(s).
  2. To view your sent messages, click on the “eyeball” icon under the “Read” section.
  3. To delete message(s) from the Sent Messages folder, click on the “X” icon.
  4. To activate the Message Notification option, click on Message Notification on the Member’s Console.
  5. When complete, click the “Send Message” box.
  6. If you Click the on the “@” icon or on the Member’s Handle, a message form will appear already addressed to that Member.
  7. Compose your message and click the “Send Message” box.
  8. To send a message to a Member at their personal e-mail address, click on the highlighted e-mail address.
  9. When you are finished writing your message, click the “Send Message” button.
  10. Click on “Display to Singles Members” if you wish to display your e-mail address as part of your Profile.
  11. When finished choosing the option you wish to use, click, “Update.”
  12. Click on “Singles Search” and a selection of up to 200 Members who live closest to that ZIP code will be returned.
  13. To ensure that the correct country is selected, Members should click on the drop-down box in the “Search By Location” section under “Country” to see that their registered country is highlighted.
  14. If it is not, simply choose the correct country and click on “Singles Search” to save the information.
  15. In order to see a maximum of 200 Members who reside throughout the country the International Member lives in, one must clear the “City” field under the “Location Criteria” section of the form, then scroll down and click on “Singles Search.”
  16. Click the “Singles Search” button on the bottom of the Search page.

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