Use Clear Up in a Sentence, How to use “Clear Up” in a sentence


Use Clear Up in a sentence. How to use the word Clear Up in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Clear Up. Sentence for Clear Up.

Use Clear Up in a Sentence - How to use "Clear Up" in a sentence


Examples of clear up in a sentence

  1. The government needs to clear up the confusion surrounding its water policy.
  2. Do you think it will clear up before we go away?
  3. The meeting is a final chance to clear up any misunderstandings.
  4. I am very sure it will; for I am determined not to go away till it does clear up.
  5. This proved, as Forester said, that it had not been raining very long; and he thought, from appearances, that it would soon clear up.
  6. Rollo put in his hornets’ nest, his pebble stones, and his hemlock-seed, as he called it; and then went to the barn door, and began to be as eager to have it clear up, as he had been before to have it rain.
  7. After a time it did clear up, and Rollo obtained his mother’s leave to go and ask all the children who were going to have a share in the museum, to come one afternoon and begin to collect the curiosities.
  8. He could not help hoping it would clear up before night; but, as it continued so steadily, he began to be seriously afraid that, after all, he should lose his garden.
  9. There was not time for Lisbeth to tell about everything at the very first, for her mother and she had to clear up the stall next to the one Bliros occupied, and put Crookhorn into it.


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