Use Cleaning in a Sentence, How to use “Cleaning” in a sentence


Use Cleaning in a sentence. How to use the word Cleaning in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cleaning. Sentence for Cleaning.

Use Cleaning in a Sentence - How to use "Cleaning" in a sentence


Examples of cleaning in a sentence

  1. Dave arranged a cleaning rotation.
  2. Before cleaning that, we have to stop adding to the existing contamination.
  3. He snatched the dripping cloth from Benize’s frozen hand and began cleaning his bloodied face.
  4. “Does this frighten you Benize?” Martos finished cleaning his face, then wrapped the cloth around his marked hand to hide it from inquiring eyes.
  5. More complex machines incorporated devices for cleaning, grain recovery and elevating, and removing and stacking straw.
  6. He’d been cleaning guns and had them scattered all over the living room.
  7. Did you know that cleaning your pet’s waste with water is another big contributor to environmental pollution?
  8. In the film, Jim Hutton (played by Aaron McCusker) is presented as a member of a cleaning team that has a tête-à-tête irritable but at the end flirtatious with Mercury after one of his noisy parties in the house.
  9. He gave himself up to the servant for bread, and assisted in cleaning the palace, and as he was industrious the overseer gave him better clothing, and brought him from among those who swept outside to those who cleaned the interior, and put him under their overseer.
  10. Nebuchadnezzar must have commenced his work by putting in order the dams of the Euphrates, which it was no easy task to keep up, by providing with water-courses or cleaning out the canals which had become dry or blocked up.
  11. Visualize where the next curve will go as you plot your next point — and spend less time cleaning up paths.
  12. The cleaning active system is comprised of a solid oxidizing agent and a metal chelating agent or a carbonate.
  13. Also, part of our job was one day a week we had to spend 4 hours cleaning her house.


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