Circuit in a Sentence


Use Circuit in a sentence. How to use the word Circuit in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Circuit.

Definition of Circuit

Examples of Circuit in a sentence

*** This instrument is used to locate the broken conduct point. It can measure open circuit faults in types of transmission lines such as overhead cables, communication lines, etc.

*** A fully charged battery has an open circuit voltage of approximately 4.55 v.


*** With a type that takes monolithic integrated circuit technology as a core, the use of the V / F transform method brings the monitor in real time to the cell voltage of the monomer accumulator.

*** The cables in the circuits are not heated by fuses or circuit breakers.

*** The Ruby circuit was installed in a new rear control panel made to measure by Ambrosia Maple and Spanish Cedar … and a connector was installed.

*** The office of the circuit the administrative railway line of the place opens to the outside world, the circuit of the collection uses the tariff.

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