Use Christmas in a Sentence, How to use “Christmas” in a sentence


Use Christmas in a sentence. How to use the word Christmas in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Christmas. Sentence for Christmas.

Christmas - Sentence for Christmas - Use Christmas in a Sentence


Definition of Christmas

the annual Christian festival celebrating Christ’s birth, held on December 25 in the Western Church.

Examples of Christmas in a sentence

  1. I have managed to do twenty of these since Christmas.
  2. It is good to point out that men expressed their most feelings towards Christmas, with 56% of participation over the total number of messages, while women contributed the remaining 44%.
  3. The Russian Orthodox Church uses the liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom in Old Church Slavonic, except on special feasts such as Christmas (January 6) when the liturgy of Saint Basil is used.
  4. In comparison, only 5% of messages related to Christmas come from news websites.
  5. Christmas messages invaded the social networks of Peruvians since the beginning of December, as revealed by an analysis of Oracle through its Social Relationship Management (SRM) tool.
  6. He delivered a Christmas broadcast from the cockpit of Operation Little Vittles.
  7. There were a lot of excellent Christmas carols and crafts, as well as a real moonshine still on display.
  8. Sears Roebuck resisted the trend of largely somber Christmas sales, reporting significant increases in clothing sales.
  9. He had celebrated his Christmas court in Talmont, north of La Rochelle, and distributed gifts on a splendid scale.
  10. She buys her Christmas presents in the section.
  11. Beware of Christmas merchandising: Porky-Man cards.
  12. After connecting the lights of the Christmas tree and programming the computer, even washing was achieved!
  13. The prospect of Christmas left children overwhelmed.
  14. From David’s point of view, the Christmas festival was unbearable.
  15. Christmas carols are sung by a choir and people dressed as Eskimos.
  16. Although you can not be around for Christmas, really likes the feeling of yuletide everywhere.
  17. Mary Alice: the best Christmas of all time: that’s what the residents of Wisteria Lane dreamed as they prepared for their annual Christmas festival.
  18. A zombie project not showing up for Halloween is like Santa missing Christmas, but showing up to an Irish Pub on St. Patricks Day.


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