Children in a Sentence

Use Children in a sentence. How to use the word Children in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Children.

Children in a Sentence

Examples of Children in a sentence

*** Only primary education is formally compulsory, but because of shortages of funds, teachers, and buildings approximately 1 million children between the ages of 6 and 12 are not in school.

*** Their three children range in age from 10 to 17.

*** He slew snakes, protected children, encouraged human fertility, and assisted the hippopotamus goddess Tawert in childbirth.

*** Often a terse statement of proper behavior is appended to a folktale told to children in order to emphasize its moral implications.

*** Ask and give the children what healthy foods they like.

*** Children should not be trained to be an impractical person who can not even boil an egg.

*** The car is quite small, especially if you have children.

*** It is very sad when children feel unwanted.

*** The children ridiculed her for her fear of the snake.

*** They were the school’s eternal smells of chalk dust, wax crayons, cedar shavings, wet wool and warm children.

*** The pilot of the US Air Force UU Gail Halvorsen created the “Operation Vittles”, which supplied candies to German children.

*** To answer the children’s call for more delicious victuals, the volunteer chefs join in the effort.

*** The store sells clothing for women and children.

*** She has been teaching her children herself.

*** Children may be forced to work on the farm, in fact denying them schooling.

*** There will inevitably arise occasions when this choice confronts all the nurses who work and have small children.

*** Children suffering from long-term illnesses inevitably benefit less from education than healthy children.

*** This family carries out its functions of education and raising children inevitably at the expense of career opportunities for women.

*** Between May 30 and June 2, these vaccinators will go from house to house to administer the polio vaccine to all children under 5 throughout Yemen.

*** Federal officials want the Minden district to alternate children’s events on “main” days and during “main” schedules.

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