Use Charming in a Sentence

Use Charming in a sentence. How to use the word Charming in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Charming.

Definition of Charming

Examples of Charming in a sentence

*** Shenzhen is a charming city garden with a picturesque landscape and a pleasant climate.

*** The village is charming and the surrounding landscape excellent.

*** Goblin Ha’Hotel Charming inn located in the picturesque village at the foot of the Lammermuirs.

*** With an air of charming ingenuity, the panda is the zoo’s most popular star.

*** The vocabulary of the integral space is exuberant, rich, charming and does not break abstemious, it emerges weakly that the romance in movement is passionate.

*** “For a husband sweeter than honey and charming as love, I send Christmas greetings and lots of love this Christmas, I wish you to celebrate this festive spirit with splendid celebrations, my love.”

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