Use Chapter in a Sentence, How to use “Chapter” in a sentence


Use Chapter in a sentence. How to use the word Chapter in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Chapter. Sentence for Chapter.

Use Chapter in a Sentence - How to use "Chapter" in a sentence

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Examples of Chapter in a sentence

  1. The college has a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa and other national scholastic honor societies.
  2. This is a point of so much importance, that I must devote a paragraph to it before closing the chapter.
  3. The distraction and perplexity of the teacher’s life are, as was explained in the last chapter, almost proverbial.
  4. My firm filed for voluntary chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.
  5. In the second chapter, intuitively and phenomenologically we explain the ontological of death in existential philosophy. And we feel that death is axiomatic.
  6. In the second chapter, I propose a semi-parametric estimation to obtain median regression models with the margin of error measured and use it to estimate the mediator of the survival data.
  7. Some of the problems surrounding mental illness have been unpacked in Chapter 3.
  8. We come now to consider the second general head which was to be discussed in this chapter.
  9. The ever-changing acceleration charges it with energy; an appearance of life that is discussed in Chapter 14.
  10. The third chapter describes the preliminary contract regime in the Macau positive Law.
  11. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy that would give them a $5 million wiggle on their long-term debt of $2 million.
  12. In this chapter I shall endeavor to show how order may be produced out of that almost inextricable mass of confusion into which so many teachers, on commencing their labors, find themselves plunged.
  13. But we are wandering a little from our subject, which is, in this part of our chapter, the methods of examining a class, not of giving or fixing instructions.
  14. A few miscellaneous suggestions, which we shall include under this head, will conclude this chapter.
  15. In another chapter I have explained to what extent, and in what manner, the assistance of the pupils may be usefully and successfully employed in carrying forward the general arrangements of the school.


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