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*** Today, travel agencies in Krakow offer day trips that combine Auschwitz with the picturesque salt mine of Wieliczka, with its rock salt chapel, sculptures and chandeliers.

*** Apart from infrequent exceptions such as these, the priests of the chapel were indistinguishable from the chaplains of the parish.

*** This was demolished in the mid-1980s, the congregation was attending the chapel in Haisthorpe.

*** The brothers collaborated on such paintings as Three Saints in the Cardinal of Portugal Chapel of San Miniato, Florence (1467) and the Martyrdom of St. Sebastian (1475; National Gallery, London). Both brothers died in Rome.

*** Beyond the altar is a polygonal apse and the Lady Chapel.

*** The spires were added in 1887, and the Lady Chapel was constructed by Charles T. Matthews in 1901-1906.

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