Use Channels in a Sentence, How to use “Channels” in a sentence


Use Channels in a sentence. How to use the word Channels in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Channels.

Use Channels in a Sentence - How to use "Channels" in a sentence


Examples of Channels in a sentence

  1. Please stop changing channels.
  2. Donald changes channels during commercials.
  3. Donald flipped through the channels.
  4. I learnt a lot of things about Turkiye thanks to Turkish TV channels.
  5. You’ll never get ahead in this place unless you go through the proper channels.
  6. It is the purpose of man to do his part to direct the energy into beneficial channels and to divert it from harmful paths.
  7. Around most of the islands there is an exuberant coral growth; but, as the reefs are not far away, and follow the coastline, the channels between the islands are comparatively safe.
  8. North of the North Atlantic maximum, the waters become increasingly cooler as the latitude increases until the channels opening to the Arctic basin are reached.
  9. This lacunar system not only allows the cells of the cortex to breathe, but also forms channels through which air can pass to the deeper tissues.
  10. Although tortuous to access, the channels allow a clear passage of 27-35 feet.
  11. The intercellular spaces here are very narrow channels between the palisade cells.
  12. No, be a Columbus for new continents and worlds within you, opening new channels, not of commerce, but of thought.
  13. They were thick and horrifying, creating ridges and channels on his face.
  14. The channels can be worked in any direction according to the traffic requirements.
  15. The channels between the islands do not exceed 2 meters.
  16. The Baudot apparatus can have certain channels extended to form a means of continuous communication between one station and two or three more by means of a line.
  17. Mainly, they provide a series of channels, which penetrate each part of the sheet, along which water and dissolved salts are transported, and elaborate food substances from the mesophilic cells.
  18. After flipping through some channels, Carmen decided to take a long bath.
  19. The peculiar vision of him is reached at the end as the supreme conception toward which all separate thought channels have extended, and in light of which man’s life has been studied in nature and in the mind, in the individual and in the society.
  20. Understand that theology must become familiar with the Scriptures, the teachings of the parents and the decisions of the councils, so that it is capable of being part of itself, so to speak, the channels along which this divine knowledge flows .
  21. The reason is not in his idea the individual reason, but the source of natural truth, whose main channels are the various systems of pagan philosophy, and more especially the thoughts of Plato and the methods of Aristotle.
  22. The original distribution channels through Merisel and Dicken Data and the service through Xerox remain in place.
  23. The abundance of water channels is related to the need for a large and rapid supply of water for the leaves deployed in the spring and early summer.
  24. On the west side, however, there are remains of several canals or channels, some still carrying water, one of which, the Shattel-Hai, which leaves the Tigris at Kut-el-Amara, and empties into the Euphrates at Nasrieh, It is still navigable.
  25. They are accompanied by intercellular channels that serve to drive oxygen to, and carbon dioxide from, living cells inside the wood, which would otherwise be cut off from the breathing media.
  26. The coasts have a series of maritime inlets, forming interior bays, which communicate with the sea through channels of greater or lesser width.
  27. Far from the land and more likely were caused by the sinking; the old fluvial channels that are known to exist below sea level, as well as the previous land connection with New Guinea, seem to point to the conditions assumed in the famous theory of Darwin’s sinking, and any fact that seems to be inconsistent with the The theory of a constant and prolonged subsidence can be explained by the assumption of a slight disorder.

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