Changes in a Sentence

Use Changes in a sentence. How to use the word Changes in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Changes.

Definition of Changes

Examples of Changes in a sentence

*** The number changes every year but generally the numbers are close to each other.

*** The list changes each year.


*** You can make changes on your datas until the last day we send the applications.

*** She manages to accept these changes through discreet administration.

*** You should suggest changes, instead of accepting things as they are.

*** The other changes are relatively minor, but the responsible accountant must be aware of them.


*** Any self-respecting accountant should be aware of the latest changes in taxes.

*** Always protect this plant from abrupt changes of temperature and from drafts.

*** Climate changes threaten the continued existence of the species.

*** If I can make these changes, I can be released from my captivity for unwanted stress.


*** The twentieth century produced revolutionary changes in our lifestyles.

*** As the 20th century got under way, other cultural changes made slenderness seem desirable.

*** To improve the water quality of your tank, make a series of water changes, on alternate days for a week or so.

*** Mobility patterns for men Mobility studies focus almost exclusively on men, so data on changes are partial and partly deceptive.


*** Objective To investigate the changes of dynorphin and enkephalin with naloxone in rat brain tissue and the pain threshold of tail shaking after positive and negative acceleration charged.

*** The additional changes reinforced by the acceleration of the growth of women’s real wages led to a further decline after 1970.

*** Changes in samples stored at elevated temperatures represent the acceleration of changes that occur at room temperature.

*** In the context of increasing industrialization in Europe, technological progress, mass production and mass production, brought with it important changes in the social and economic sector.


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