Use Change in a Sentence, How to use “Change” in a sentence


Use Change in a sentence. How to use the word Change in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Change.

Use Change in a Sentence - How to use "Change" in a sentence


Examples of Change in a sentence

  1. Without aerial refueling, the face of modern combat would change.
  2. This approach can not only eliminate the blurring effect of the optical system caused by the change in temperature, but it also makes the digital camera smaller and less heavy.
  3. Pacific Western University, before a change of ownership, changing its name and becoming accredited, was criticized about its non-accredited nature and the quality of its programs.
  4. The BX32 accumulator performs a damping function, decreases the impact of the change and the loss of torque.
  5. His parents received him, assuming that he had returned for an indefinite stay and perhaps interpreting this as a change of opinion.
  6. Accept the things you can not change.
  7. Have the courage to change the things you can.
  8. Nothing will change as long as workers continue to accept these dreadful conditions.
  9. Feelings fade, people change.
  10. Money, for a change, was not the decisive factor.
  11. The accountant’s report calculates that the change is the application of computer technology in accounting work.
  12. These values and the other features of traditional African life are undergoing rather rapid change.
  13. The values are so resilient and so susceptible to variation and moderate degrees of change that they are likely to influence the styles of life in Subsaharan Africa for many decades to come.
  14. These forms possess a basic homogeneity and a remarkable vitality, even among urban dwellers, who are experiencing rapid cultural change.
  15. However, it is not only the impact of cultures outside African Continental limits that has brought about change in music and dance practices.
  16. The total frequency of intense fog days of each month presents the double-peak pattern. The result of the polynomial regression analysis indicates that the annual change of …
  17. And it was from these experiments that Workplace 2000 emerged as the answer to a pressing need for change.

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