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Use Chancery in a sentence. How to use the word Chancery in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Chancery.

Definition of Chancery

Examples of Chancery in a sentence

*** The Apostolic Chancery expedites and preserves ecclesiastical documents.

*** The last existing chancery bond is dated June 21.


*** Because the writings, statutes and other chancery letters became everyday matters, their language now sought to express everyday realities.

*** The chancery court issued a restraining order prohibiting desegregation in December.

*** Ming Dynasty, the famous statesman, Wang Cap Ring, board of the village of the civil chancery.

*** The plaintiff’s account and the response of the defendant were presented to a teacher in the chancery.

*** The judge who presides over a chancery or equity tribunal in some states of the United States.

*** The more the board of adjudication of the civilian chancery, thanks to the thing of the subprefect of the Cenzhizhengshi Private Council.

*** But the Chancery and Exchequer records corroborate.

*** The procedures and practice of a chancery court; equity.

*** The landowners were not paid, the company went bankrupt and then spent the rest of their corporate life in Chancery.

*** He was widely respected for his work as a special teacher in the chancery in the cases of the Minnesota Railroad Rate in 1910.

*** Meanwhile, he shuffled to the subway station and Chancery Lane.


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