Use Chamber in a Sentence, How to use “Chamber” in a sentence


Use Chamber in a sentence. How to use the word Chamber in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Chamber. Sentence for Chamber.

Use Chamber in a Sentence - How to use "Chamber" in a sentence


Examples of Chamber in a sentence

  1. He is in the chamber beyond.
  2. The blue chamber at the front.
  3. Phonny supposed that Malleville was up in his mother’s chamber.
  4. In her chamber, standing very straight, with hard eyes, Mildred met me.
  5. By this time they had reached the barn chamber.
  6. The shrimp slips into the sample chamber just as the needle falls.
  7. He was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in 1881.
  8. He is upstairs in the blue chamber at the front of the house.
  9. In this portico lay the sepulchral chamber, a room of stone closed by double doors.
  10. What evidence did Rollo and Nathan have that the air was a real substance, when in the barn chamber?
  11. The turning point of his career came in 1755, when he accepted an invitation to the lodge of Freiherr von Furnberg, an accomplished amateur who had the habit of joining groups of musicians for the performance of chamber works.
  12. Ronald Reagan was named in the panel that unanimously confirmed the gas chamber ban on Wednesday.
  13. He entered the Chamber of Deputies in 1885 as a Socialist, and in 1889 founded the newspaper Voix to advocate socialism.
  14. With one interruption, Tardieu served in the Chamber of Deputies from 1914 to 1936.
  15. On the wall are houses of a single chamber, built on either side opposite each other, and yet sufficient space is left between them for a chariot and four to pass.
  16. The concertos and suites of Bach, the symphonies of Beethoven (with the exceptions of the Pastoral Symphony and the choral finale of the Ninth Symphony), and the chamber music of Brahms fail into the category of absolute music, as do most of the instrumental works in the Standard concert repertory.
  17. For an instant surprise held me speechless, transfixed, incredulous; and in that instant I saw a face—a white face of horror and disbelief—look down on us from one of the side-windows of the blue chamber.


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