Use Certain in a Sentence, How to use “Certain” in a sentence


Use Certain in a sentence. How to use the word Certain in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Certain.

Use Certain in a Sentence - How to use "Certain" in a sentence


Examples of Certain in a sentence

  1. *** Only the strong control of the president could give a certain sense of seriousness to the meeting.
  2. *** Then, abandoning traditional idioms as other architects of the time were doing, Corbett became particularly fascinated with the skyscraper as it developed in New York City after the 1916 law requiring setbacks above a certain height.
  3. *** Sporopore Aerial Spores: body that produces certain fungi, e. g. the mushroom of Agaricus.
  4. *** Capacity: Article 2 of the Regulation lists the determination of the capacity of the battery, an accumulator and car batteries. A certain test method is specified in Annex II.
  5. *** I accept your theories, but not without certain qualifications.
  6. *** The movie was boring to a certain extent.
  7. *** Does deficiency lead to eczema or has eczema led to certain deficiencies?
  8. *** Mechanical wood pulp is acidic and is used for cheaper types of paper, such as newspaper or certain types of cartridge paper.
  9. *** Universities and secondary schools will establish literacy actions as an option or prerequisite for certain students.
  10. *** Paramedics are trained to administer certain medications.
  11. *** HDAC eliminates certain chemicals, called acetyl groups, from a wide range of proteins.
  12. *** But this tells us that yes and that the effect of fading is deceptive in a certain sense.
  13. *** Some authorities give the misleading impression that only they have the absolute right to provide certain services to the public.
  14. *** That probably explains why public opinion is in favor of euthanasia, or at least certain forms of euthanasia.
  15. *** DOnald said that the proportion of study subjects -63 percent- who thought that euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide should be legal in certain circumstances is approximately the same in healthy people.
  16. *** A certain inflorescence of zymosis with a zigzag rachis.
  17. *** But there is no difficulty in supposing that each division of the Levitical musicians had its own traditional music, certain instruments were peculiar to one and the other, in which case the assignment of a psalm to the asafitas or coraĆ­tas simply will denote the type of music to the one that is configured.
  18. *** These require greater use of soloists as singers and a certain direction of the congregation, often through an animator.
  19. *** Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw said: it is certain that in a mundane not liberated the mental impurities will arise again and again.
  20. *** That is where I take certain key figures from the fathers of the church, such as Origen, Augustine, Venerable Bede in England, Bernard of Clairvaux in the Middle Ages, and Thomas Aquinas.

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