Use Cell in a Sentence, How to use “Cell” in a sentence


Use Cell in a sentence. How to use the word Cell in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cell. Sentence for Cell.

White Blood Cells

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Examples of Cell in a sentence

  1. Because my cell phone was ringing.
  2. Items such as cell phones can be recycled.
  3. It looked more like a cell than a chamber.
  4. Each yeast cell has an oval or spherical shape bounded by a thin cell wall.
  5. This was in the 1970s, long before cell phones and instant messaging.
  6. Since that night I have felt pity for every prisoner in his cell who watches the approach of darkness.
  7. In this way the behavior of each cell is conditioned by that of its neighbors, “says Bertocchini.
  8. For the vestal herself, thus led away, a cell was dug beneath the ground, and vaulted over.
  9. The patients who remained diabetic after transplantation all had beta cell dysfunction that persisted postoperatively.
  10. Currently, most white blood cell counts are performed with large-scale equipment in central clinical laboratories.
  11. Results The result showed that mast cell located near substance P positive neurons.
  12. Once the cell has been fertilized, begins a process of cell division by which it becomes an embryo with thousands of cells.
  13. He did not have cell phones, a toolbox with all the tools except the ones he really needed, and assembly instructions in Chinese (assuming, of course, he would actually read those instructions before removing everything from the box).
  14. It is rare to look at a room full of people and not see most of them without their cell phone in the palm of their hand or very close, send text messages, send emails, go shopping or social networking.
  15. The colonel led the way to the little room or cell which I had occupied during the previous night, and showed me in, with scant–very scant–courtesy.


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