Use Celestial in a Sentence, How to use “Celestial” in a sentence


Use Celestial in a sentence. How to use the word Celestial in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Celestial. Sentence for Celestial.

Use Celestial in a Sentence


Examples of Celestial in a sentence

  1. THREE-BODY PROBLEM, an unsolved problem in celestial mechanics.
  2. The giants piled Pelion upon Ossa to enable them to get up to heaven in their assault upon their celestial enemies.
  3. Or, if this was not the case, to learn by what other error or fault they had displeased the celestial powers, and brought upon themselves such terrible judgments.
  4. As the relaxation of the government of each country in the international is control, open of the celestial policy, the obstacle of the intrusive aviation industry is also reduced.
  5. Above this, on the highest platform of all, was a grand observatory, where the Babylonian astrologers made their celestial observations.
  6. A certain testimony of Moses and Elias to Christus which is now said to have been delivered upon a ‘holy mountain,’ and it is added also that Christus conversing with them was suffused with a celestial splendor, and that there was a voice from heaven proclaiming Christus to be the Son of God.
  7. And over the little house, and the dark woods, and the mellow pasture, and the brown-fur bossies, broke a little, wee, tiny prick-point of a star, as though some Celestial Being were peeping down whimsically to see just what the Partridge Hunter and I thought of it all.

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