Use Cedar in a Sentence

Use Cedar in a sentence. How to use the word Cedar in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cedar.

Definition of Cedar

Cedar is the common name of cedar wood, used for several different trees that grow in different parts of the world.

Examples of Cedar in a sentence

*** The lake is named for a dense stand of cedar on its shores.

*** The house smelled of cedar wood and fresh enamel.

*** The yacht is built with planks of cedar slats.

*** Pine, cedar and spruce are evergreens.

*** Celed their room with cedar boards.

*** The reservoir would have submerged cedar forests and rapids that attract 10,000 tourists a year, while releasing mercury from submerged minerals.

*** I was using scented woods: white cedar, resinous palm.

*** There were chests of cypress and cedar, small tables with trays, silver cups, pewter jugs and jars.

*** One in the bushes on the right, one under the cedar on the left.

*** We use a cedar chest to store wool blankets.

*** AROMA: nuances of cigar and cedar box complemented by notes of spices and exotic spices.

*** If she is a wall, we will build on it a palace of silver; and if she is a door, we will bow her with cedar boards.

*** Full-body fragrance, sends elegant aromas of red currant and cranberry, flavored with chocolate, mocha and cedar.

*** Beautiful aromatic Emperor Cherry, blackberry and cedar on the nose, underlined with a subtle touch of lead shavings.

*** The Footbolt presents sweet, earthy notes of blackberry and cherry, a good texture, a touch of spice box and cedar, and an easy-to-use finish without hard edges.

*** I tore down a cedar tree, and I doubt that Solomon ever had such a tree for the construction of the temple in Jerusalem.

*** Next to the patio of the hotel is a venerable 70-foot cedar that is said to be the Tree of Knowledge.

*** The priest will order two clean and living birds and some cedar wood, scarlet thread and hyssop to be brought for the one who is purified.

*** Intense red color of a ripe black cherry. Intense aromas of black pepper and clove with notes of currant, cherry, tobacco, cedar and walnut.


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