Use Cautious in a Sentence – How to use “Cautious” in a sentence


Use Cautious in a sentence. How to use the word Cautious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cautious. Sentence for Cautious.

Use Cautious in a Sentence - How to use "Cautious" in a sentence


Examples of cautious in a sentence

  1. Be always cautious about innovations and changes.
  2. Be very cautious how you bring in the awful sanctions of religion to assist you directly in the discipline of your school.
  3. Be cautious how you form an opinion even yourself on the question of the genuineness of their piety.
  4. “It’s a cautious story about how dangerous it is to believe that the image is the most important thing,” he said, along with admitting that he suffered a disorder with food as a teenager.
  5. If, however, after mature deliberation, you conclude that you have the plan of a school-book which you ought to try to mature and execute, be slow and cautious about it.
  6. As Cyrus saw from this that Oebares was a cautious and brave man, who placed all his hopes in him, he revealed his plan and consulted him.
  7. Still they pushed on, he muttering and laughing; but for all his madness, he was wise and cautious amid the dangers and hardships of the road.
  8. She had been very prudent and cautious during Mary’s reign, and had been very careful never to manifest any hostility to the Catholics.
  9. She did all these things in a somewhat covert and cautious manner, acting generally in Nero’s name, so as not to attract too much attention at first to her measures.
  10. As California’s attorney general, Kamala Harris was considered cautious and rarely spoke out-of-line with law enforcement culture.
  11. Please be cautious of the imposter phone and email scams.
  12. Millennials stand out as being more cautious about their personal finances during COVID-19.
  13. China cautious on hitting back at US companies after Huawei sanctions.
  14. Pothinus was more active, though not less cautious in his hostility to them.

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