Use Catholics in a Sentence – How to use “Catholics” in a sentence


Use Catholics in a sentence. How to use the word Catholics in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Catholics.

Use Catholics in a Sentence - How to use "Catholics" in a sentence
Examples of Catholics in a sentence

  1. All the Catholics in Scotland took her side.
  2. Mary grew up a Catholic, of course: all were Catholics around her.
  3. The words _Notre Dame_ mean Our Lady, an expression by which the Roman Catholics denote Mary, the mother of Jesus.
  4. The Catholics reproach us, and, it must be confessed, with some justice, with the ignominiousness of its origin.
  5. Almost all Protestants voted for the Unionist Party and Catholics voted for nationalists or abstained.
  6. Catholics are supposed to refrain from eating meat on Good Friday.
  7. Parties began to form–the Catholics for Mary Queen of Scots, and the Protestants for the family of Jane Grey.
  8. They were all Catholics, and had been Mary’s instruments in the terrible persecutions with which she had oppressed the Protestant faith.
  9. The dispute, too, between the Protestants and the Catholics in Scotland was also settled, though it is not necessary for our purpose in this narrative to explain particularly in what way.
  10. U.S. Catholics have exerted moral influence affirmatively in the areas of social justice, family life, and decency in literature and films; negatively, in opposition to communism, artificial birth control, abortion, euthanasia, and divorce and remarriage.
  11. The predominance of power was with the Catholics, and was, of course, hostile to Elizabeth.
  12. Innumerable plots were beginning to be formed among the Catholics, in Elizabeth’s own dominions, for making her queen.
  13. The Catholics have, in all countries, many large and splendid churches, which are ornamented with paintings and images of the Virgin Mary and of Christ.
  14. All the Catholics in France and in Scotland would naturally take Mary’s side.
  15. The Catholics have a certain celebration, called the mass, to which they attach a very serious and solemn importance.


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