Use Catholic in a Sentence, How to use “Catholic” in a sentence


Use Catholic in a sentence. How to use the word Catholic in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Catholic.

Use Catholic in a Sentence - How to use "Catholic" in a sentence


Examples of Catholic in a sentence

  1. Catholic University of America is the only university belonging to the hierarchy of the United States, which governs it under authority of the Holy See through a board of trustees composed of all the residential archbishops of the country and some priests and laymen.
  2. The Catholic Church preserves an essential unity of faith, but simultaneously fosters a variety of cultural and historical expressions of the Christian life.
  3. The Roman Catholic Church is organized upon a unity of belief and of worship, and under a common hierarchical government of bishops in union with the pope, the bishop of Rome.
  4. Sacred College of Cardinals, the body of churchmen in the Roman Catholic Church who elect the pope and administer the offices of the Roman Curia. They are named by the pope and must be bishops.
  5. According to Roman Catholic theology sacramentals are like sacraments in that they are signs of a spiritual reality, but they differ from them in that sacramentals are instituted by the church rather than by Christ.
  6. The Sacred Congregation for the Teaching of the Faith safeguards and promotes the teaching of faith and morals in the whole Catholic world.
  7. The core activity of the Roman Catholic Church is missionary in nature.
  8. The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education oversees seminaries, universities, Catholic schools, and all institutions of catechetical or religious instruction.
  9. The Roman Catholic Bible and the Eastern Orthodox Bible include additional Jewish writings called Apocrypha.
  10. The Roman Catholic Church has always condemned homosexuality because of its alleged unnaturality, but for a long time it has idealized celibacy, which, some might argue, is equally unnatural.
  11. I had always wondered why the Catholic Church insists on the vows of celibacy for its clergy.
  12. With John Ballard, a Jesuit, and other Catholic emissaries, he formed, in 1586, a plot to murder Queen Elizabeth, rescue Mary, and reestablish the Catholic religion in England.
  13. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in New York City.
  14. The support of the Catholic Church was sought, and, ironically, it was Bach, the onetime revolutionary, who negotiated a concordat with the Vatican in 1855.
  15. During the Thirty Years’ War, Spinola was active on the Catholic side, overrunning the Palatinate, which was in Protestant hands, in 1621.

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