Use Catch in a Sentence, How to use “Catch” in a sentence


Use Catch in a sentence. How to use the word Catch in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Catch. Sentence for Catch.

Idioms With "Catch" and Meanings


Examples of Catch in a sentence

  1. Some will defer their answers until they can catch those of their comrades for a guide.
  2. This attracted his attention; he began to watch the motions of these strangers, and to listen, without seeming to listen, in order to catch the words they spoke to each other as they talked in groups or passed one another in the streets.
  3. Some will defer their answers, until they can catch those of their comrades, for a guide.
  4. Our ears do not catch them exactly, or we unconsciously substitute for the foreign sound some sound from our own language.
  5. When, for instance, the slave in a play of Plautus says: “Do you catch on” (tenes?), “I’ll touch the old man for a loan” (tangam senem, etc.), or “I put it over him” (ei os sublevi) we recognize specimens of Latin slang, because all of the metaphors involved are in current use today.
  6. At one point in a Pompeian street, the eye of a straggler would catch this notice in doggerel verse
  7. Antony and Octavius struggle with each other to catch the reins of power which have fallen from his hands; Dolabella, who seems to regard himself as an understudy of Cæsar, plays a serio-comic part in Rome in his efforts to fill the place of the dead dictator; while Decimus Brutus hurries to the North to make sure of the
    province which Cæsar had given him.
  8. The Scoloti also, who were now armed for battle, drew out with horse and foot; and when they were in
    line, a hare ran past and the Scoloti chased it, one after the other, as they happened to catch sight of it.
  9. He saw the press, and I suppose he thought at once that he would publish a paper himself, for he could
    catch onto a new idea like lightning.

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