Use Cast in a Sentence, How to use “Cast” in a sentence


Use Cast in a sentence. How to use the word Cast in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cast. Sentence for Cast.

Use Cast in a Sentence - How to use "Cast" in a sentence


Examples of cast in a sentence

  1. This and other reverses cast Schlüter into disgrace.
  2. She cast about for some excuse for refusing his proposal.
  3. With the Taunton cast, it remained a comparatively cheap show.
  4. Jehovah hath cast off his altar, and abhorred his sanctuary.
  5. It was announced that all of the original cast and co-creators would reunite in a special unscripted show over a year ago.
  6. Twitter exploded with reactions ranging from just being happy to see the cast together after all those years to getting really emotional.
  7. Happily, the Department of the Environment was so appalled at being cast as the number one villain that the certificates came almost by return of post and the Coal Board now felt isolated and exposed.
  8. Reems was cast in the musical film Grease as Coach Calhoun, the Rydell High track coach (before making pornographic films, he had done legitimate theater ).
  9. Fans may already have a hint that the actor will be part of the cast of this classic Roald Dahl tale because he was close with Tim Burton.
  10. When a woman has once taken her place there she cannot leave before a man has cast money into her lap and united with her outside the temple.
  11. He shall be buried with the burial of an ass, drawn forth and cast beyond the gates of Jerusalem.
  12. So will I do to this house in which ye trust, as I did to Shiloh, and will cast you out of my sight, as I cast out your brethren, the seed of Ephraim.
  13. The people to whom they prophesy shall be cast out in the streets of Jerusalem.
  14. He describes in a lively manner how Nebuchadnezzar will set up his battering-rams against the walls of Tyre; how he will throw down their towers with his engines of war; will cast up a trench against them, and raise the shield upon them.


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