Use Cash in a Sentence, How to use “Cash” in a sentence


Use Cash in a sentence. How to use the word Cash in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cash. Sentence for Cash.

Use Cash in a Sentence - How to use "Cash" in a sentence


Examples of Cash in a sentence

  1. Rather than reduce its spending it maintains it, but postpones cash payments.
  2. Local firms have been quick off the mark to cash in on the oil boom.
  3. Pyramid said its cash flow remained positive in the fourth quarter.
  4. Financing decisions The investment in fixed assets can be financed from several sources: capital, surplus cash, loans or leasing.
  5. Without a paycheck, you discover the importance of cash flow, and your accountant should become your best friend.
  6. The accountant used cash to live it.
  7. The rules say that an official can now be accused of corruption if cash gifts or favors are given to relatives or a member (an affiliate) in order to obtain the influence of the official.
  8. It is expected that Xerox will use the cash to pay the debt of the insurance unit.
  9. But much of the impetus comes from the cash that Thorn paid when he sold the record company.
  10. With all the cash in hand, it makes more sense to buy a social media company–particularly one that shows traction and growth potential –at a premium.
  11. The crowdfunding platform does not allow the promoters to offer cash rewards in return for the investment made by individuals who are only allowed to offer the rewards in kind.
  12. Instead of offering to pay employees’ 401(k), the employers give cash payments towards their employees’ lenders.
  13. The shortage of cash, tools, supplies and logical reasoning do not seem to prevent people from inventing crazy solutions for their problems.
  14. Then his secretary—a chap he had picked up starving in London, and had trusted absolutely for years—made off with a lot of cash and securities, and that seemed the last straw in poor Duncan’s ill luck.
  15. In going around thus a second time, to distribute the tickets, he took a cash box with him to make change.


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