Cases in a Sentence


How to use the word Cases in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cases.

Cases in a Sentence

Examples of Cases in a sentence

1 – Methods Seventy-six cases of cerebral otogenic abscesses were treated by aspiration simultaneously with mastoidectomy, and their efficacy was analyzed retrospectively.

2 – In some cases the support is derived from a pier or engaged column carried from the ground with the upper part corbeled out to meet the floor of the projecting window.

3 – In cases of dispute between individuals from different lineages each lineage gives full support to its own members.


4 – After hatching, the larvae usually build elaborate cases, which protect them from most of their enemies.

5 – In many cases, however, the term has been interpreted by the courts to mean simply an event occurring without one’s foresight or expectation and thus to inelude happenings that involve negligence.

6 – Some reports of clinical cases have shown that immature permanent teeth with periodontitis or periradicular abscesses may undergo apexogenesis after conservative treatment with endodontics.

7 – The application of inner – ora in the choice of surgical method of abscess crissum (a report for 218 cases).

8 – The uncoagulated lesion in 2 cases is an encapsulated abscess and pleural effusion.

9 – Methods: in 4 cases of acute radiation injury, the radiodose was calculated, the clinical manifestation, the results of the laboratory examination and the chromosomal aberration rates were compared and analyzed.

Cases in a Sentence

*** Results: Of the 72 cases of azoospermia, 13 (18.1%) patients with the number and structural aberration of the sex chromosome were detected.

*** This allows a reduction, in some cases, of the amount of data transferred, because unwanted detailed data is never sent over HTTP to the final device.

*** In chronic cases, potency is usually administered every alternate day, or less frequent intervals if necessary.

*** Symptoms reported by local doctors include high fever, malaise, nausea and vomiting, followed by meningitis, subcutaneous hemorrhage, toxic shock and coma in severe cases.

*** In cases of high visibility and emotionally convincing, such as maternity stays, an uproar was generated.

*** The result can be the roughness of the engine during acceleration, loss of power and, in some cases, stagnation.

*** Two cases of power spectral intensity function are considered for the seismic acceleration in the base rock: the white noise spectrum and the white filter noise spectrum.

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