Use Cartridge in a Sentence

Use Cartridge in a sentence. How to use the word Cartridge in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cartridge.

Definition of Cartridge

Examples of Cartridge in a sentence

*** This rifle only has one cartridge.

*** This rifle only has one cartridge, so it must be reloaded after each shot.


*** The cartridge document will be adopted at the moment, but the situation will be reviewed.

*** The introduction of the smaller cartridge should effectively address these criticisms.

*** Maura had seen the hammer descend to the cartridge just as she heard Roy’s voice leave the house.

*** Guidelines are given on the screen to change the ink cartridge, which has 60 pages and costs about 2.5 pence each.


*** Quickly loading the Very pistol with the red cartridge, Larsen pointed to the open skylight and squeezed the trigger.

*** Fuel life: a Primus 2207 cartridge lasted 145 minutes of full output configuration.

*** Cartridge: a general purpose thick paper used for printing, drawing and wrapping.

*** The 4300 has separate units, which makes the replacement of the toner cartridge cheaper when it occurs.


*** By simply placing this in the ink cartridge compartment and installing the provided software, your printer becomes a scanner.

*** Stoves fit directly to the cartridge or are fed through a short hose with a control valve.

*** With the optional black cartridge, you should print a black page at five percent for only 0.7p.

*** He worked the action of the pump frantically to eject the spent cartridge and reload.


*** The ink cartridge is an open-plan affair, with four ink tanks feeding a head integrated into the conveyor.

*** An indicator on the screen shows how much ink is left in each cartridge.

*** Charcoal gray cartridge paper had not been introduced at this stage.

*** The finer the foam, or the smaller the cartridge, the more often it will need cleaning.


*** Police believe that the weapon may have been a standard cartridge shotgun, specially adapted for firing bullets.

*** Enthusiasts can overcome this by ramming the cartridge into its socket while the unit is operating.



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