Use Carousing in a Sentence, How to use “Carousing” in a sentence


Use Carousing in a sentence. How to use the word Carousing in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Carousing. Sentence for Carousing.

Use Carousing in a Sentence - How to use "Carousing" in a sentence


Examples of Carousing in a sentence

  1. In fact, the best part about carousing house-rules is not the rule(s) itself, but the one or more random tables of possible complications.
  2. Here you can find the first of my carousing tables for DCC RPG.
  3. Each one contains a location description, an adventure hook, and a carousing table specific to that location.
  4. His paintings depict lively scenes of peasants carousing in crowded taverns.
  5. Carousing in the cocktail capital of South America.
  6. Carousing tables are popular among the old-style D&D crowd.
  7. The original idea was to substitute carousing for xp from treasure, but I also think the two work fine side by side.
  8. That crosses a line for me, and it’s something I’d strike before using Dave’s carousing system in my game.
  9. I am looking for the rules on carousing and can’t find them.
  10. So here’s where an issue is going to crop up both for myself and more importantly for my players – carousing.
  11. A character who is good at carousing.
  12. Carousing has been a staple of many tabletop games, including my own, for a very long time.
  13. The Village is a set of goofy, entertaining outcomes for carousing in villages and farming towns.
  14. This type of attempt to suppress the new carousing rituals rather quickly failed, since it ran against the grain of modernizing social structures.
  15. Carlo says it wasn’t him; he says he was out carousing with Mikey, his best friend.
  16. Then ironically, a little ways into connection, you feel a pull of carousing emptily with wild wine eyed strangers valuable again.
  17. Ford chatting up Carrie Fisher in a doorway; and the carousing of everyone from New York’s Frank O’Hara to Los Angeles’s Sharon Tate.

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