Use Caprice in a Sentence, How to use “Caprice” in a sentence


Use Caprice in a sentence. How to use the word Caprice in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Caprice. Sentence for Caprice.

Use Caprice in a Sentence - How to use "Caprice" in a sentence


Examples of Caprice in a sentence

  1. On no account would he have a dictator imposed upon him to shape the fortunes of Greece according to his caprice, unfettered by “military advisers of limited perceptions.”
  2. This idolization of a tree was a striking instance of the childish caprice and folly by which the actions of the ancient despots were so often governed.
  3. The first few pages are light and joyous, full of a child’s warm impulses and ready zeal, and enlivened here and there by some roguish caprice.
  4. The subjects, in spite of acts of cruel caprice which affected certain persons, were incomparably better off than those of the Assyrians, or of the dynasties which afterwards ruled the East.
  5. Gaveston sent the bishop about from castle to castle as a prisoner, according as his caprice or fancy dictated.
  6. There is nothing, however, really extraordinary in this. Nothing is more fluctuating than the caprice of a despot.
  7. In the first place, it would seem that, in all ages of the world, the acts and decisions of men occupying positions of the most absolute and exalted power have been controlled, to a much greater degree, by caprice and by momentary impulse, than mankind have generally supposed.
  8. Several of the events and incidents which occurred immediately after the accession of Darius to the throne, illustrate in a striking manner the degree in which the princes and potentates of ancient days were governed by caprice and passionate impulse even in their public acts.
  9. They had hitherto been held as serfs, in a bondage which exposed them to all sorts of cruelties and oppressions, since they were amenable, not to law, but wholly to the caprice and arbitrary will of individual masters.
  10. Sometimes when the sons of noble or distinguished men displeased him, or when under the influence of his caprice or malignity he conceived some feeling of hatred toward them, he would order them to be publicly executed, and he would require their parents to be present and witness the scene.
  11. The European ladies of the present day delight in their suites of retired and well-furnished apartments, adorned with velvet carpets, and silken curtains, and luxuriant beds of down, with sofas and couches adapted to every fancy which the caprice of fatigue or restlessness may assume, and cabinets stored with treasures, and libraries of embellished books the whole scene illuminated by the splendor of gas-lights, whose brilliancy is reflected by mirrors and candelabras, sparkling with a thousand hues.

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