Capital in a sentence

How to use the word Capital in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Capital.

Examples of Capital in a sentence

1. From 1680 to 1735 the town was the capital of the duchy of Saxe-Saalfeld.

2. He moved the capital from his splendid Ottoman headquarters in Istanbul to the relative relative of Ankara.

3. The investment of capital of labor and the investment of corporal capital, is the main impulse that makes the economy grow.

4. And the fact is that the superiority of Barcelona is such, that everything that is not a victory for the Catalan team, which seeks to link its sixth consecutive Cup title, would not only be a surprise capital, but will also enter the category of impossible.

5. In 1925, following the principle of eliminating the superfluous and leaving the essentials, he designed a typographical style in which he eliminated capital letters and serifs, creating a geometric, universal source, whose digital version is called Architype Bayer.

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