Use Cap in a Sentence, How to use “Cap” in a sentence


Use Cap in a sentence. How to use the word Cap in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Cap. Sentence for Cap.

use cap in a sentence


Examples of Cap in a sentence

  1. At any rate, the officer wearing the cap was taken, and the king escaped.
  2. Their shoes were of thick red leather, and on the head they wore a tarboosh, a red cloth cap.
  3. A boy who was standing near the tree, with a red cap full of burrs in his hand, held out one of them.
  4. “No,” said Lucy, “you must have your cap on your head, or you will take cold.
  5. After the planned opening for 1995 of the Newton Cap plan, the picturesque valley around it will become a great local attraction.
  6. When the cap is removed, the pressurized gas escapes from the solution, forming bubbles in the solution.
  7. We love hardcore costume experts; After all, when are we going to have the chance to show off our skills with Princess Leia’s cap if it’s not Halloween?
  8. Down he came with great violence; his cap flew off in one direction, and his umbrella rolled away in another, as he had to put out both his hands, to save himself, when he reached the ground.
  9. As soon as he was gone, the boy with the red cap said to Roger, “I expected that the master would have given you a good scolding for talking so.”
  10. The heavy dark cloak which she wore when we started was buttoned high up around her throat, and a neat dark fur cap enclosed her hair.
  11. Every body came wearing a daisy in his cap or in his buttonhole, for the daisy was the flower which Margaret had chosen for her emblem.
  12. Perhaps the pursuers of the king’s party were deceived by this royal cap, and took the wearer of it for the king.

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