Use Can in a Sentence, How to use “Can” in a sentence


Use Can in a sentence. How to use the word Can in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Can.

Use Can in a Sentence - How to use "Can" in a sentence


Examples of Can in a sentence

  1. You can keep an unlimited amount of messages in the Message Center but none can be older than 30 days.
  2. They can do this without going through the Message Center.
  3. The Handle you choose can contain any combination of numbers and letters.
  4. You can change any of them at any time.
  5. High professional content can invite a client to credit him more.
  6. The President proposed that Russian diplomats can be accredited at NATO headquarters.
  7. Alternatively you can get one from any accredited insurance appraiser.
  8. Further, the storage unit of the non-volatile accumulator of the single floating network of the invention can be repeatedly read, erased and read by converted bias voltage.
  9. Can I have a glass of water? I’m really thirsty.
  10. She can count quickly on the abacus.
  11. Ms. Armstrong regrets that she can not accept your kind invitation.
  12. She can not accept even a slight criticism of her work.
  13. I can accept defeat but I can not accept to surrender.
  14. To my great regret, I can not accept your invitation.
  15. We can safely say that he will accept the job.
  16. Government servers can not accept rewards.
  17. Managers have finally gotten into their heads that they can no longer accept inefficient operations.
  18. Lawyers can not accept instructions in case they have a conflict of interest.
  19. I can not accept you as my assistant.
  20. I am sorry I can not accept your kind invitation.
  21. If I can accept this situation, surely you can.
  22. We can see what Hegel did is nothing but apotheosis.
  23. Through the school’s zoology program, students can explore numerous areas of animal biology.
  24. Accounting can be boring, but at least it pays well.
  25. Your accountant can be a perfect excuse for you not to invest in the financially uncertain companies of your friends.
  26. A good accountant can analyze a non-profitable operation quickly.
  27. Just as an accountant can use a financial model, the analyst can develop an entity model.
  28. A lawyer or accountant can act as an Executor if you wish.
  29. Mr. Smith’s survival techniques are solid and I can not imagine that any counter contradicts them.
  30. This way, you can store the criteria for your ideal mate instead of having to fill out the form each time you wish to search.
  31. When using the “Search by Location” portion of the Search page, one can search internationally as well as within the United States.
  32. You can make all location Searches (whether or not they are for the United States or Canada) more specific by typing in the name of a city in the “City” field.
  33. In the “Who Are You Looking For” section, International Members can also leave this section alone with all categories set at the default of “No Preference.”
  34. Humanbeing used to fight for a life of comfort, peace and wealth till the beginnig of history that can be understood from the old and dusty inscriptions.
  35. If the applicant is not borned in the selected countries but the parents are, then the applicant can get the parents’ country for the application.
  36. Should make the application myself or can anyone else make the applicaton for me ?
  37. Can make your application for you.
  38. Your spouse can make a seperate application even though she/he is added to your application form.
  39. How many times can I apply ?
  40. With your application number and password, you can enter your application control panel for the payment with your credit card on internet.

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