Use Can Be in a Sentence, How to use “Can Be” in a sentence


Use Can Be in a sentence. How to use the word Can Be in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Can Be. Sentence for Can Be.

Use Can Be in a Sentence - How to use "Can Be" in a sentence

Examples of can be in a sentence

  1. *** Much of his philosophy can be traced to the Talmud and to the religious theories of Blaise Pascal and Seren Kierkegaard.
  2. *** His early Cubist samples dating from 1911 and on those paintings influence of C├ęzanne can be seen, but soon turned to a very colorful geometric style, with a predominance of blue, acid green.
  3. *** Driving while intoxicated can be punishable by imprisonment.
  4. *** Computers can be networked using modems and telephone lines.
  5. *** Menstrual cups are made of latex or hypoallergenic silicone, which means that the user can be safe from irritations and unwanted allergies.
  6. *** These threads are lubricated and these lubricants can be an unwanted contaminant in high purity applications.
  7. *** An unwanted component can sometimes be present at long intervals, and this can be very annoying.
  8. *** These can be exploited with a cartridge.
  9. *** When descending to the new exhibition, science fiction fans can be surprised by some of the work that surrounds them.
  10. *** This cart can be configured to weave alternative needles in the ribber.
  11. *** The glare of a grid can be alleviated by weaving, allowing for alternative parallelisms in domination.
  12. *** It can be said that he developed further, “a securinine sentimental customs chief” feels the soul.
  13. *** People can be very sentimental with animals.
  14. *** Judging by appearances can be deceptive.
  15. *** Do not judge by appearances appearances can be deceptive.
  16. *** In comparisons of this kind, the exclusive use of performance data can be misleading.
  17. *** Samples of wealth can also be deceptive. People may seem wealthy, but the mansion can be completely mortgaged, the cars can be rented and the landscaper may be waiting for payment.
  18. *** Conclusion. This case illustrates that the MRI findings for osteoblastoma can be misleading and caution should be exercised when evaluating benign tumors with known inflammatory responses in MRI.

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